Become the Person You Want to Be

The best way to become the person you want to be is working with the person who brings out your best. Our professors have astonishing amounts of wisdom and experience — and they know how to pass it on to the people who will become professors, scientists, researchers, writers, directors, artists and other professional colleagues all over the world.

Some of our faculty rock stars:

Michael Twiss with a student conducting researchMichael Twiss—professor of biology
Charting environmental changes in the St. Lawrence River ecosystem caused by tourism, hydroelectric-power generation and invasive species.

Sheila Weiss—professor of history
Received National Science Foundation grant to write biography of controversial geneticist who worked for the German government during the Nazi era.

Kathleen Fowler—professor of mathematics
The Clarkson “Queen of Calculus.” Winner of the Henry L. Alder Award for distinguished teaching from the Mathematical Association of America.

Christopher Lynch—professor of computer science
With funding from the National Science Foundation, developing software that tests cyber security systems before they become operational.

George Fulk and Stacey Zeigler—professors of physical therapy
Funding from the National Institutes of Health supports their work on ALARM, the Automatic Longitudinal Assessment Risk Monitor, which evaluates the risk of a fall—in real time—and identifies specific activities that present the greatest risk of falls.

Silvana Andreescu—professor of chemistry
Researching biochemical mechanisms and biosensors to build devices that can detect and diagnose diseases in early stages.

Evgeny Katz—professor of chemistry
Ranked as one of the world’s top chemists for innovative scientific research and education, including a notable project that harvested electricity from a lobster.

Stephen Bird—professor of political science
Published recent work on green data centers, Howard Zinn and the future of activism and changing behavior to reduce energy consumption by renters.

Christina Xydias—professor of political science
Research grant from American Political Science Association supports study of public legislators and their claims of what’s best for women and the policies they propose.

Brian Hauser—professor of film
Wrote, directed and produced the full-length feature, “Nontraditional,” screened in several film festivals across the country.

More faculty mentors and role models

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