Spark. Ignition. Bonfire.

In business, knowledge is fluid because strategies have to change, immediately. But there is also a constant and uncompromising body of business knowledge: innovation, ethics, ambitious creativity and the will to achieve.

Together, these are the fire inside. And that — more than anything — will determine your success. Knowledge fuels that fire.

Here are just a few of the professors who know how to feed the flames:

Bebonchu Atems Principles, Intermediate, Money and Banking, International Economics, Urban and Regional Economics, Econometrics

Dean Smith with students at a idea Jam sessionLarry Compeau Pricing including the behavioral and strategic effects of comparative (reference) price advertising on consumers’ judgments, evaluations, perceptions, and purchase intentions and its public policy implications

Luciana Echazu Industrial Organization, Game Theory, International Trade, Corruption

Sandra Fisher How technology affects individuals in organizations, including how individuals respond to technology used for systems such as training, career development, and performance appraisal

Mark Frascatore Industrial organization, contract theory, and game theory

Martin Heintzelman Environmental Economics; Natural Resource Economics and Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics

Augustine Lado Strategic & International Management, Investigating links among competitive strategy, cooperative strategy, organizational competencies, and business performance

Santosh Mahapatra Sourcing Strategy and E-Procurement; Capabilities, Practices and Performance Relationship; Manufacturing and Supply Chain Flexibility

Cecilia Martinez Design and management of performance improvement initiatives for product development, manufacturing, construction and service (healthcare) environments

John Milne Extending operations research methodologies to address practical problems in supply chain management

Amir Mousavian Operation of electrical power systems with an emphasis on cyber security, reliability analysis of the smart grid and economics of incorporating renewable sources of energy

Amy Zander Engineering design, engineering & management education, sustainability of technological environments

More faculty mentors and role models

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