The Science of Sustainability

How can we interact with our environment in a sustainable way? It’s a question this generation must answer. As our population grows, we are taxing the resources and even the natural ecosystems that sustain us.

Industry can work — and even thrive — within the parameters of environmental sustainability, but first, we have to know the limits and why they exist.

Clarkson’s Institute for a Sustainable Environment offers two distinct majors that delve into the details of ecological well being:

Students in the Adirondacks collecting samplesEnvironmental Health Science

Research the relationship between humans and the environment — mainly the environmental factors that adversely affect health. Identify and assess hazards like waste sites, workplace air quality and environmental degradation downwind from factories and fossil-fuel power plants.

Environmental Science and Policy

Combine the natural and social sciences and apply principles from both to ecological challenges. By learning biological and chemical processes, history, policy, behavior and ethics, our graduates span a multitude of professions to develop solutions and overcome those challenges.

Both majors prepare our graduates for careers in industrial, consulting, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

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