Success Starts Here

It’s a complex and hyper-competitive world. Our programs deliver clarity to give you an advantage.

The Clarkson business curriculum is developed, refined and optimized with international business leaders and corporate recruiters. It’s a powerful network. And these people help shape our undergraduate programs to give you the skills, experience and knowledge that are in demand.


Freshman students at the freshman business pitch sessionsInnovation and Entrepreneurship
Employers told us loud and clear: Innovation is critical. You will learn how new ideas are developed and transformed into valuable new products and services. You will start your own business. You will talk with investors and you will learn how to secure investment capital. You will develop expertise in marketing, management, technology and economics.

Global Supply Chain Management
In today’s global economy, companies around the world are partnering to streamline manufacturing. You will plan, time and negotiate supply delivery. You will create and sustain the professional relationships that give your supply chain global priority. You will acquire skills that will always be in demand and can’t be automated. You will gain vital experience and knowledge of operations, marketing, technology and economics.

Financial Information and Analysis
Employers keep telling business schools that finance graduates know too little accounting and accounting grads know too little finance, and both know too little about information systems. Until those other schools start listening, those employers will keep recruiting at Clarkson. There’s a lot to know in this major: creative problem solving, financial and risk analysis, cost management and the means to gather the data that informs all these crucial tasks. You’ll learn it all here. You will pull together the latest strategies in finance, accounting, technology and economics.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Success often hinges on identifying crucial information and its sources. You will learn to distinguish the signals from the noise. You will learn to design and implement hardware and software solutions that help companies solve problems. You will learn to become part of global teams that help organizations unleash the power of technology.You will fuse an in-depth knowledge of technology, management, data analysis and operations.

Engineering & Management
Today’s marketplace demands integration of technology and management. Successful companies need individuals who understand engineering but are firmly grounded in the realities of decision making. You will draw on Clarkson’s established strengths in engineering and management. You will acquire the skills to build powerful networks of entrepreneurs and technicians that meet current and future needs. You will have the unique qualifications and flexibility to lead tech companies. You will develop advanced skills in management, engineering, science and technology.

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