What To Do, What To Do

Well, there’s the nearby Adirondack Park, which is bigger than the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks combined. That takes care of hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and sitting in a quiet lodge next to a roaring fire.

Just across the border, there’s the Canadian capitol of Ottawa, with … well, everything. And Montreal has even more everything and it’s all en francais.

There are the Clarkson Serves events that give students the chance to volunteer around the world. There’s the virtual game room in the Student Center, where you can compete against anybody in the world on projected screens that are much, much bigger than you. Or you can just walk into the village for dinner and a movie.

But that barely scratches the surface.

The Office of Student Life

Students at canoefest



We also bring lectures and films to campus, fund field trips, develop living/learning experiences, and connect faculty, students, and alumni.

Student ClubsOutdoor club on a climb of Mount Azure

Get Involved

Ease the transition from high school to college. Joining an organization means meeting people with similar interests and that gives you a sense of purpose. You’ll get better grades, have more fun and up your chances for getting that job you’ve always wanted.

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