You Have to See This Place

A lab that torques wind-turbine blades until they snap. Another, down the hall, that helps us build better prosthetic limbs. Across campus, a professor and her students are working on nanofibers that could fight infectious diseases more effectively than antibiotics. And that’s only three labs. We have dozens.

You have to see what happens here.

Researching contaminants of emerging concern in the Great Lakes. Changing the behavior of renters so they consume dramatically less energy. And, to capture it all, social documentation: making films, podcasts, magazine articles and more.

The campus is beautiful. The views are great. But they don’t compare to the transformations that take place here every day.

Come here. Take a look around. This place changes people. We’ll show you how.


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  • Personalized Visits
    Customized campus visits led by a student and tailored to your personal interests.
  • Open Houses
    Talk with current students and faculty working in every department, sit in on a financial aid workshop or hear about opportunities for new adventures. Register for Fall Open House Events online or call 1-800-527-6577 and ask to speak with Erika.
  • Overnight Hosting Program
    High-school seniors spend a night in a dorm and experience Clarkson during the school year. Talk with an admissions counselor, tour the campus, attend a class and meet with a professor in your area(s) of academic interest.
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    Use this map to navigate your way around campus.
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    How to get to Clarkson’s campus by car, plane or bus.
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    Potsdam and St. Lawrence County dining.
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    Hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts.

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